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Lunch Time Sandwich Platters

Menu Item Types: Lunch
fr $8.50
Lunch Time Sandwich Platters

Club Sandwiches $8.50
White / Wholemeal / Multigrain square loaf, cut into four triangles

Croissants $9.00
Fresh baked croissants two per serve

Bagels $10.50
Traditional Boiled Bagels

Foccaccia $11.90
Sesame or herb topped Foccoccia

Roti $9.90
Yeast free Indian flat bread

Baguettes $9.90
Crusty white Rolls

Pita Wraps $9.00
Wholemeal and white flat bread

Mixed Selection of the Above Breads $10.90


Sandwich fillings …

Chicken Oregano Salad

Beef and Mustard

Ham, Chesse, Lettuce and Tomato

Avocado, Creamed Cheese and Roasted Vegetables

Eggplant & Mushroom Vinaigrette with Fresh Salad

Tuna Salad and Mayonnaise

Roast Turkey and Cranberry Sauce

Egg, Lettuce and Mayonnaise

Curried Minced Lamb and Raita

Falafel and Tabbouli Salad